3 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Residential Fountains into Your Backyard

Residential fountains are the key to your backyard oasis.

3 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Residential Fountains into Your Backyard
Lush green grass across the lawn, a decadent garden and patio area for family cookouts or holiday parties in the summer; what could complete this private backyard oasis? The solution is simple, customizable, and within your grasp.

Residential fountains are a great way to complement a scenic landscape. Fountains are easy decorative touches and can be either formal or informal.

Depending on the atmosphere of your landscape, there are several options that can flatter any area. Custom design capabilities guarantee a personalized addition to your landscape, as well as a touch of luxury.

If you’re looking to add a fountain to your backyard, here are three ways you can make it a stunning addition:

1. If you have an in-ground pool, the addition of a fountain might provide a whimsical aspect to the space, tuning a regular backyard into a cool grotto.
2. How about a water garden? Water gardens are a different variation on traditional fountains that create a particularly soothing environment. They also provide an opportunity to incorporate beautiful aquatic plant life.
3. Gardens are another excellent place for residential fountains because they accentuate the natural setting.

Whatever decision you make, just be sure that it reflects the atmosphere of your home. A picture perfect backyard is only one fountain away!

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