3 Types of Residential Fountains You Could Use at Your Business

A great idea for beautifying your place of business… residential fountains can add a touch of elegance even at work.

3 types of residential fountains 

Did you know you can easily add a water feature to your business property? Many types of residential fountains can be installed in a commercial or business setting. It might even entice your customers to come in more often.

We all enjoy walking by a lake or looking out at a waterfall and perhaps tossing coins in a fountain for good luck. Residential fountains are easy to add to a courtyard for your employees to enjoy lunch hour or you’re landscaping making your building attractive to the public. Here are three common types of fountains used in homes that can also be useful at your business.

Water gardens and waterfalls can be as simple as a preformed pool with rocks around it and some plants with a few fish. They can also be elaborate mini-worlds with waterfalls and paths going over koi ponds.

Floating fountains can add a spray feature to a pond, aerating to improve water quality and adding the soothing sound of water falling into the pool as you watch the rainbows in the mist.

Architectural fountains are a broad category of water feature. Each fountain is composed of a pump, pipes, and possibly sprayer moving water across whatever you decide you want as your focus. You are limited by your imagination, your budget, and physics.

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