3 Ways Commercial Fountains are Completely Underrated

Don’t Ignore the True Benefits of Commercial Fountains

3 Ways Commercial Fountains are Completely Underrated

Commercial fountains aren’t just pretty to look at. Designed correctly, they can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Consider these following points when deciding whether or not to include a fountain or other water feature into your company plans.

1. Fountains Draw Attention

There’s a reason the Bellagio Hotel is so well-known. Although it’s an amazing hotel overflowing with luxury, it stands out in Las Vegas because of its fountain system. It’s big, brash, and dances in awe-inspiring displays. Thousands of visitors come to see the Bellagio Fountains, even if they don’t stay in the hotel. While people visit, however, they often notice other things happening on the property they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. The significant impact of the hotel’s water feature encouraged mall developer Emaar Properties to create a $218 million fountain display to open alongside their Dubai shopping complex.

2. They Also Create Good PR

Award-winning fountains draw a different kind of attention. The media covers stories about where these structures are built, who was hired for the design, how much the project cost, and why they stood out from other water features. Your company name appears in press releases and on websites, and its picture can be seen in magazines and online. These are all great for exposure. People who haven’t heard of you before will, and they’ll associate your business with good investments. That’s important for attracting quality clients and partners, as well as reinforcing a good brand reputation for the purpose of hiring.

3. They Boost Your Website Optimization

When your name and often your company’s domain name appear frequently online as your fountain draws attention, it gives your importance in search results a surprising boost. You’ll wind up with high quality backlinks leading to your site and search engines will identify your URL as a quality resource. These traits all effect how high your website performs in search results, whether or not someone is searching for information on fountains or design.

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