3 Ways Residential Fountains Can Make You the Cool Kid on the Block

Create an Everyday Escape for Friends and Neighbors Using Residential Fountains

3 Ways Residential Fountains Can Make You the Cool Kid on the Block

Residential fountains provide homeowners with a surprising number of benefits, but homeowners aren’t the only ones who count. Guests and neighbors can get just as much from your water projects. Invest in the right features and enjoy the following results:

1. People Appreciate Your Investment

Whether you’re creating large gardens or shoveling snow for the whole block, your neighbors appreciate when you invest in their community. They especially enjoy features that help raise property value. Building a fountain makes your home look special, but it’s also a draw to the neighborhood.

2. People Will Start Talking About Your Home

“Have you seen the Murphys’ fountain yet?” No one is going to stop by your home to see your fountain without stopping in to see you. This gives you a chance to invite them in and make a new first impression with people you haven’t bonded with before. As more people visit your home and spread the word, more people will feel comfortable doing the same. Adding a fountain to your outdoor design is a good way to make new friends in your area.

3. A Successful Design Makes you a Resource

Landscaping projects can be labor and cost intensive. Providing the neighborhood with a stellar example of how to do things right makes you to go-to homeowner on the block. People will want to know who you used for your project, why and how you made your project work. Community experts get more respect and often find they have more influence.

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