A Drip Irrigation System: How does it work?

Using a drip irrigation system for irrigating gardens and flower beds ensures the water goes where it is needed.

drip irrigation systemAs you are planning your spring planting don’t forget to plan for an irrigation system. There are several different types of irrigation systems that work well but for now let’s focus on the drip irrigation system and how it works.

The drip irrigation system delivers the water directly to the base of the flowers and plants. The water is slowly dripped at the base of the foliage which allows for the plants to slowly take in the needed water.

Drip irrigation systems work great for farms and small gardens, but are also great for using in flower beds and under trees and shrubs. Drip irrigation can also be used in hanging baskets and container gardens as well.

Drip irrigation systems are very ecofriendly because the water is dripped exactly where it is needed, less water is used. Additionally, by keeping the excessive water off of the plants it helps to prevent the invasion of many different pests and disease that can cause damage to the plants.

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