Automatic Watering System FAQ’s

automatic watering system

An automatic watering system conserves water and saves you money.

What time should I water my lawn? Your lawn should be watered in the early morning hours before the sun comes up and the wind is at its calmest. Set your automatic watering system to water the same time each morning.

Does a sprinkler system conserve water? Yes, by setting your sprinkler systems to turn on and off automatically, you are conserving energy and resources. There is no need to remember to turn the sprinklers off they will go off automatically, so you are not wasting water by over watering.

Should I install rain sensors? Rain sensors are a wonderful idea and will conserve water when Mother Nature decides to provide the irrigation.

Should I break my landscaping into zones? Zoning is a great way to provide the right amount of water for each area of your landscaping. For example, shady areas don’t require as much irrigation as sunny areas do. Flower beds may not require as much water as your lawn. Zoning allows you to separate these areas and give them the perfect amount of water needed.

For the answers to all of your questions about an automatic watering system, contact the professionals at W. P. Law, Inc.

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