Can I set up my landscape lights on a timer?

Exterior of a home illuminated by landscape lighting at night

As the summer sun begins to fade away, it is time to reconsider the effectiveness of your landscape lighting . When the sun was staying out late, and the moon seemed to keep your yard lit with glowing light, you could afford to turn on your outdoor lights later in the night. However, as the fall rapidly approaches it is time to save yourself the hassle of manually turning on your lights, and instead rely on an automatic timer.

Adjusting Landscape Lights

Most lighting systems are equipped with a lighting transformer. This transformer will need to be adjusted, so that your lights automatically turn on when you need them. To adjust the timer, follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Safely open the transformer.
  2. Find the timer and unplug it. While there are different styles of timers, the most common timers will have red and green clips or feature push buttons.
  3. A push style timer will require you to change the time via the tabs. Simply pull the tabs in or push them out to the desired time.
  4. The red and green clip style uses the green clip to indicate when the lights will turn on and the red clip for when the lights will turn off. Simply slide the clips to the correct timeframe.
  5. Be sure to check that you have adjusted the timer correctly for A.M. or P.M.
  6. Set the timer to the current time.
  7. Plug the timer back in.
  8. Close the transformer and voila, you are done!

Once you have successfully set your landscape lighting you can simply wait until it is dark to make sure that your lights are coming on at the desired time. Adjust as needed, based on seasonal conditions and personal preferences.

To discover additional landscape lighting tips, be sure to contact the experts at W.P. Law. Since 1970, W.P. Law has been helping homeowners and businesses transform their outdoor spaces into beautifully lit oases. To discover alternative landscape timer solutions, contact a W.P. Law team member today.

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