DIY Fountains – Getting started

DIY fountains are a great way to design your own backyard oasis.

DIY fountains have become more and more popular with homeowners over the years. It used to be that bird baths were the most common focal point of landscaping. Now homeowners want water fountains that range from a pot with trickling water all the way up to exotic water falls cascading down a mountain of rocks.

Whatever you desire, there are fountains to satisfy everyone’s taste and budget. If you’ve made the decision to build your own backyard fountain, your first step is to do some research.

Before you pick the location of your fountain, consider exactly what you want to create. Is it just going to be for show, or do you want to create a gathering place around the fountain? Will you use the area for entertaining? If so, you will need a large enough space to accommodate the fountain and accompanying furniture.

Once your location is decided, you now need to decide on the architectural style for the area. You will need to decide what type of material you would like your fountain to be. There are stone, bronze, copper, steel and fiberglass just to name a few.

Now you are ready to meet with the experts and get started.

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