Do You Have Drainage Problems in Your Yard? Here Are Some Solutions

person working on drainage problem in a yard

Most homes with backyards eventually have some type of drainage problem. If your yard has excess water issues, you don’t have to live with puddles and mess. Here are some solutions to help fix drainage problems in your yard.

French Drains

One common solution to yard drainage is the installation of French drains. If you have groundwater that comes up in your grass or garden or near your home’s foundation, a French drain helps divert that excess water away from your home and beloved flower beds. French Drains consist of gravel-filled shallow trenches and pipes that the water travels through to move it to another area.

Surface Drains

Unlike French drains that pull groundwater away from where you don’t want it, surface drains help remove water sitting on the surface of your yard or landscaping. Some common areas for water to build up include the end of a driveway, next to your house, and near your patio. Surface drains move lots of water away quickly, like what you see after a rainstorm.

Dry Creek Bed

Depending on the slope of your property, a dry creek bed might be just the thing to help divert water and avoid a soggy spot in your yard or garden. A dry creek bed is nicer than it sounds, often made up of decorative rock and features to make them part of the overall landscaping. The drain starts with a trench lined with fabric and filled with gravel, then it is covered with rocks that enhance its aesthetic appeal.

If you’ve got standing water, soggy spots, or runoff impacting your yard and landscaping, don’t ignore it. Contact the drainage experts at W.P. Law, Inc. for drainage solutions you can count on.

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