Duct Piping for Chemical Applications

Duct Piping for Chemical Applications

In industrial processes there are many fumes, gases, and fluids that need to be exhausted or drained from the application process.

Chemical resistant PVC or CPVC duct is a good choice for most applications and temperatures. For more aggressive chemicals fiberglass FRP, PP, or PVDF duct piping may be considered.

Duct piping systems in PVC and CPVC material are light weight making handling and installation easier. Custom rectangular and square Duct can be fabricated in sizes 6” up to 30”.  Round PVC and CPVC duct material are available in sizes up to 60”. Scrubbers and hoods are also available in various materials.

Thermoplastic duct exhaust systems have a longer service life when compared to metal in the same corrosive environment.


Karen Smith

Industrial Sales

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