5 Eye-Catching Water Features For Your Home  

Water Feature

From fanciful water fountains, serene property pools to bubbly waterfalls discover water features to set your home apart from the rest.


Without a doubt, a waterfall is one of the most appealing and charming water features to choose for any property or home garden. Aside from the alluring looks, an outdoor waterfall has a unique kind of soothing sound that comes from the waterfall making it an enthralling feature. There are different kinds of waterfalls to choose from depending on the size of a garden and the available free space.

Garden pond

What a better way of adding tranquility, ambience and reflection to any landscape design than using a garden pond. And for many of us who have small spaces in our gardens, an open area of water can increase the sense of space. Birds love the ponds too, and the reflective nature of the sitting water will brighten the local atmosphere even during the dullest day.

Tea pot fountain

We love to use repurposed content. Featuring antique and rugged tea pots, the tea pot fountain allows water to flow through the spout of the barrels and will provide an enchanting look at any garden. To give the whole fountain a rustic look, combine the vintage tea pots with the old whiskey or wine barrels. Not only does the fountain instill a beguiling landscape, but it`s also a superb way to recycle the old pots.

The Water Garden

Water Gardens are beautiful additions to outdoor spaces. They are fairly inexpensive and don’t require digging. They only require 5 things: pots, a small pump, water, plants and power.

The benefit of creating a water garden is that they are often small and do not take up much room, but they provide the sound of falling water, which adds a soothing detail to outdoor living.

Water features play a major role in transforming a dull space into a paradise. At W. P. Law, Inc. we have an array of exhilarating water features that will luxuriously transform your space at an affordable price. For more information on our products, get in touch with our friendly customer care agents.

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