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Fuel Combinations for Grilling

In a previous blog, we discussed the different fuel types for grilling and for smoking.  However, what about combining some of the fuel types for the purpose of flavor enhancement, is this even possible?  The answer to that question is, yes. In fact, most grill masters and barbecue experts use some type of fuel combination to enhance the flavors of their prepared food.
The way to achieve this is by selecting the right grill that offers an accessory or has a built in feature that will allow the addition of a secondary fuel source.

For example, Napoleon grills offer an accessory in the form of a charcoal tray that is placed on top of a gas burner. The grill user will use the primary fuel source to ignite the charcoal. Once the charcoal becomes a grayish/white color, the charcoal is ready for cooking.  Also by adding some wet chips of your favorite wood to the charcoal, a smoky flavor will enhance the   food that is being prepared.

Luxor grills have a built in feature, a smoker drawer. This feature has a smaller independent burner that will ignite the wet wood chips once placed in the drawer to produce the smoke flavoring.

Both of these options are great. Quality grill manufactures will have some type of options that are similar to allow the use of secondary fuel for flavor enhancement.

The combination of charcoal and wood chips with a gas grill can produce some great flavors to your next cook out. Do a little research, try a little experimenting, and taste the results for yourself.

-Todd Smith
W.P. Law, Inc.

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