How do I fix a wastewater backup at my facility?

Don’t let a wastewater backup problem put a stop to your workday activities.

No matter the ultimate goal of your company, one issue can cause major problems: a wastewater backup. Whether you’re building is open to the public or not, wastewater is unsanitary, unpleasant, and an issue you need to take care of quickly. If you have a small problem, you may be able to take care of the situation yourself. Here are a few steps to follow to contain a small wastewater backup issue.

  • Turn off electrical power – Before you do anything else, remove electrical power to the area. Wastewater is WATER and wires; machinery and other items can cause sparks and other issues if they are left “live” in this fluid.
  • Wear protective gear – Don’t enter the area without proper protective equipment. Gloves, heavy boots, a face-mask, and goggles should be worn, at the very least.
  • Turn off water and stop flushing toilets – Any water flowing will make the issue worse. Prevent this from happening if at all possible.
  • Contain the problem by removing nearby dry materials.
  • Clear out and throw away sewage contaminated materials – This includes items such as carpet, furniture, books, and other un-cleanable products.
  • Fix the problem – If the problem is a small clog, you may be able to take care of it yourself using a plunger or toilet snake. A more significant problem may require you to call a plumber or fluid handling specialist.
  • Clean up thoroughly – Use antibacterial cleaner, such as bleach water or other specialized products to clean the space. When things look clean enough, clean some more. Make sure you have the windows open while you are doing this—to assure the chemicals don’t cause harm to you or others.
  • Maintain the space – Prevent future issues by seeking repairs or maintenance service. It’s easier to prevent wastewater backups than to deal with the cleanup and repair.

If your wastewater issue is something that you do not think you can handle alone, contact W.P. Law for assistance? Our team of experts are your fluid handling professionals—helping you with all types of water and fluid related issues, including wastewater backup conditions. Call us or contact us online to learn more about the products and services we offer. We would love to help you get things under control.

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