How To Spot Pump System Trouble Before It Turns Into A Bigger Issue

A pump system gauge being checked by a technician.

Are you wondering how to catch minor pump issues before they become bigger, costlier problems? For most property owners, the pump tends to be out of sight and out of mind until it stops doing its job. Then, the issues become unavoidable! With regular pump inspections and maintenance, you can maximize your pump performance and investment.

Common Pump System Problems

Whether you have an industrial pump, irrigation pump, or pump for your home, there are some common pump system issues you can watch out for, including:

  • Pump intake or suction leaks. Most pump repairs result from leaks on the suction side that cause the pump to lose prime. It could be a matter of tightening up unions, but you may also need to replace the mechanical seal.
  • Foot valve leaks. The foot valve’s purpose is to keep the water in the pump’s intake line and casing when the pump is not in use. A leak can cause the pump to lose prime and prevent it from working.
  • Line obstructions. It’s common for debris to create an obstruction in the pump’s foot valve or suction strainer. An intake line blockage can lead to the water in the pump overheating, boiling over, and causing pump performance problems.

With any of these issues, early detection can prevent a full-blown breakdown and a premature pump replacement. Taking a proactive approach with professional pump inspections, maintenance, and repairs can keep your pump system in optimal condition and save you money.

Choose W.P. Law for Pump Maintenance and Repair Services

Let the experts at W.P. Law, Inc. provide reliable pump maintenance and repairs to help you avoid premature replacements and extensive repairs. We catch the minor pump system trouble before it turns into a more significant issue. Contact W.P. Law today to find out more.

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