How Water Features are Easier Than You Think

Plan Water Features to be Cool and Easy to Clean

How Water Features are Easier Than You Think

People get confused when it comes to water features. They assume if it’s beautiful, it must be expensive and difficult to take care of. This couldn’t be a bigger misconception. A quality fountain design and installation takes maintenance into account and incorporates products and technology to make maintaining that masterpiece easier.


Maintaining water quality is the most important element in reducing maintenance headaches and costs. Poor water quality leads to murky water, clogged nozzles and foul odors. A reputable fountain contractor will insist on using some type of filtration. In many cases filtration will be used in conjunction with other water quality processes such as UV lights.


Setting various features of your fountain on a schedule or allowing them to be controlled offsite by computer or mobile device helps you maintain the ideal standards for your water features, regardless of your other obligations. Save money on labor and still make sure your fountains stay in tip-top shape.

Environmentally Friendly

Water-conserving fountains sound like an oxymoron, but designs can easily be tweaked to either use less water or recycle and filter water so visitors enjoy an impressive display while your utility bills stay low.

Easy Drainage

One of the most important points of maintenance in cold weather areas is the ability to fully drain a fountain before it freezes. The design company you work with can install special equipment and make this job easier and more thorough, preventing frozen feature elements that can lead to excessive damage.

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