Irrigation Backflow Preventer – Stop dirty backflow from contaminating your drinking water

irrigation backflow

Install an irrigation backflow preventer to help keep your potable water clean andclear of contaminants.

If you have a sprinkler system that is connected to your potable water, you need to have an irrigation backflow preventer. The backflow preventer stops contaminants such as fertilizers, manures, and pesticides from backing up into your drinking water. Without one, you risk exposing yourself and your family to serious health risks.

If your sprinkler system was improperly installed or you experience a sudden drop in water pressure, water containing pesticides, fertilizer, or pet waste can be pulled into your potable water and contaminate it. An irrigation backflow preventer will protect your water in the event this occurs.

There are many types of backflow preventers and codes vary by locations so you should consult an irrigation specialist to determine which type is right for you. Many states require backflow preventers be installed with sprinkler systems. Check with your city for your local requirements.

It is necessary to drain your backflow preventer before the freezing temperatures arrive to prevent damage to your system. To protect your system, you should take the necessary steps to winterize your entire irrigation system.

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