Three Lighting Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space This Spring


It’s finally spring, which means that you and your family can enjoy spending more time outdoors. This is also a good time of year to ensure that your landscape lighting allows for maximum illumination and safety.

Choose the Most Effective Bulbs

At W.P. Law, we’re proud to offer low-voltage landscape lighting from Integral Lighting and Kichler Lighting. You will need a step-down transformer to convert utility power from your lights to a low value so it can power the lamps. Low-voltage landscape lighting typically operates with a voltage less than 30 but can get to 12 or even lower. We would be happy to help you select the right light bulbs to set a relaxing mood for your outdoor space.

Combine Lighting Types for Improved Visual Effect

Overall lighting illuminates the entire surface area or you might want to consider task or accent lighting. Task lighting allows you to focus on one functional area while accent lighting highlights an object or architectural piece that you’re especially proud to display. It gives your space a fuller appearance when you use a combination of lighting types.

Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

It’s important to be considerate of those around you when setting up your landscape lighting display or adjusting it in the spring. You never want the light to shine into your neighbors’ homes or into someone’s eyes. To avoid this, consider using glare guards or lighting shields.

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