Preparing Your Commercial Fountains for Winter Weather

frozen commercial fountains

Protect your investment – winterize your commercial fountains.

Commercial fountains add beauty and character to your commercial property. They’re an investment that needs to be protected in the cold winter months by performing proper winterization.

Here are steps to take to protect commercial fountains in the winter:

• Drain the water:
If you fountain will not be operating during freezing weather, water that’s left inside components like the pump, control valves, pipes can freeze. When water freezes it expands, this expansion can cause damage to the components. For this reason, water should be drained from all of these components to protect them from damage.

• Remove the pump: If possible, you should remove and clean the pump after it’s been drained of water, and place it indoors. Remove any floating devices from the water and store them inside, as well.

 • Remove debris: Remove any debris from the fountains, and any algae build-up should be cleaned away. If you are keeping water in the fountain’s reservoir, check the chemical balance and adjust if necessary.

• Cover the fountain:
If your fountain has a cover, place it over the fountain to protect it from the harsh weather.

Contact the experts at W. P. Law, Inc. for more information about protecting your commercial fountains in winter.

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