Preparing Your Drip Watering System for Spring

5 Steps for getting your drip watering system ready for spring.

Winter may seem a little early to begin preparing your drip watering system for the upcoming spring season, but it’s not. It’s a good idea to take the time during the winter months to evaluate your system’s needs.

Here are five steps for preparing your drip watering system for spring use:

1. Check the controls:
Clean off the irrigation controller, dust away any debris or cobwebs. Check the settings to make sure they are set for the appropriate time.

2. Check the battery:
Replace the back-up battery in the controller.

3. Check for debris:
Check the tubing and heads for any debris that may block the flow of water.

4. Flush out the system:
Flush the tubing out to remove any dirt, or other debris that may have settled into the tubing.

5. Replace damaged parts:
Inspect the system for cracked or damaged parts. If there are damaged parts, replace them.

By taking the time now to prepare your irrigation system, you can rest easy knowing that when spring arrives your system will be ready to provide irrigation for your precious crops or landscaping.

W.P. Law, Inc. carries quality irrigation supplies for all of your irrigation needs, and our irrigation experts can answer any question you have about your system.

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