W.P. Law, Inc. in SC Celebrates Smart Irrigation Month, Carries the Latest in Smart Irrigation Controllers

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and W.P. Law, Inc., in Columbia, SC, is celebrating the month by offering the latest in smart irrigation controllers to help consumers save costs, conserve water and maintain lawns and landscapes more efficiently.

The Irrigation Association initiated Smart Irrigation Month in an effort to increase public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency and promote water-saving products, practices and services. As an Irrigation Association member, W.P. Law provides innovative smart irrigation controllers that are compact, flexible and more cost-effective to build than traditional controllers.

According to W.P. Law, Inc. CFO Flip Law, smart irrigation controllers differ from traditional controllers in that they do not rely on a timed-schedule to run irrigation zones. Instead, the smart controllers utilize weather stations and soil moisture sensors to receive daily information on how much water has been lost, and then change the irrigation program accordingly.

Because smart irrigation controllers have proven to conserve water, they are mandated in many states.

“Smart Irrigation Controllers are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to practice water conservation while also saving time and money,” said Law. “Customers have been able to save 20 to 50% of their irrigation water without the need to constantly adjust the controller.”

To obtain more information about smart irrigation controllers or to obtain a free residential irrigation design redeemable at any W.P. Law, Inc. branch visit our site www.wplawinc.com.


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