Best Practices for Protecting Your Fountain from Fall’s Leaves 

Fall Fountain

Fall can be a rough time of the year for keeping your fountain well maintained and free of debris. Leaves can clog intake screens and damage your fountain pump. They can also break down and form sentiment that can clog nozzles and cause discoloration to your fountain’s features over time. To help protect your fountain from leaves this fall season try these best practices below.

Cover it for the Season

If you live in a region that has snow earlier in the season, it may be best to winterize and cover your fountain for the cooler weather before the leaves start to fall heavily. You can also buy weatherproof outdoor covers. If you choose this option be sure to properly winterize your fountain before covering it.

Keep it Clean

If you want to keep your fountain running throughout the fall season, you can protect it by cleaning it on a regular basis. For best results, you will want to remove any leaves or fallen debris from the fountain on a daily basis, and drain and clean the debris and sediment from the bowls and other fixtures at least once or twice during the season.

Don’t let the fall leaves damage your fountain. Help keep your fountain looking beautiful and running efficiently throughout the fall season by utilizing some of the best practices listed above.

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