Residential Fountains – How do you build a pondless water system?

residential fountains

Residential fountains make the perfect addition to your landscape.

Residential fountains are the perfect solution to add style to you home, as well as help drown out traffic and other outdoor noise. Pondless water systems are becoming popular among home and business owners. Pondless water systems are low-maintenance and can be customized to your particular taste and space availability.

You can purchase pondless water feature kits or build your own. Most kits come complete with the components necessary for building your feature. Rock and stones can be purchased from any landscape supply company or home improvement store.

• Select the location: Choose the location of the water feature and create your design.

• Prepare the area: Site preparation is very important. Select a site where you have easy access to electricity and a water source. You will need to install a sump. The sump will collect the water and provide an underground reservoir. The pump will also be located in the sump.

• Install the pump:
Install the pump into the sump following the manufacturer’s directions. Connect the pump to the hose and fill the sump with water. Plug the pump in and test the water flow. Place the cover on the sump.

• Add rocks: Place the rocks and decorate the area to your taste.

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