Soil: How Does it Help Determine the Sprinkler I Use

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When people are thinking about adding a sprinkler system to their lawn to help with irrigation, they often think about the cost of the system and the size of their lawn before moving forward; however, it is important for people to think about the soil type as well. The type of soil plays an important role in the sprinkler system and should be considered along with the other factors before deciding on a sprinkler system.

The Intake Rate of the Soil

One of the factors that people need to consider with their soil is its intake rate. The intake rate is the term given to the rate at which the soil absorbs the water. Soil that has a high intake rate soaks up water faster than soil with a low intake rate. If the soil has a high intake rate, the sprinkler system can apply water at a higher rate; however, if the soil has a low intake rate, the soil cannot absorb as much water as quickly and the sprinkler system run times would need to be adjusted so that runoff is reduced.

The Water Retention of the Soil

The water retention of the soil is the term used to describe how well the soil holds on to the water. Soil with a high retention rate holds on to water and does not need to be watered as often. People need to consider the water retention of the soil before deciding on a sprinkler system because it determines the frequency of the water treatments.

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