The 2 Most Soothing Types of Residential Fountains

Residential Fountains Offer Moments of Peace

The 2 Most Soothing Types of Residential Fountains

When thinking of the human body and our senses, the ideas of sight, touch, and sound come to mind. If we apply those senses to a residential fountain, the fountain becomes an enveloping experience capable of transforming a chaotic environment into a truly relaxing escape.

  1. Sight

Residential fountains have the ability to take design elements and tie them together into a cohesive vision. They also have the power to impact those who experience them.

Add-ons such as nozzles help to direct water sprays. Submersible lights can enhance atmosphere, too. How the water falls is also another way that the visual element can be enhanced. Whether you want it to spray upward and outward or to trickle over a statue or design piece, you can make the water a beautiful part of the fountain’s visual style.

  1. Sound

Sound can be soothing just on its own, or you can also use it as a tool. The sound of falling water can be used to block out intrusive noise pollution like traffic. Sound can also help with relaxation.

An example of this would be when residential fountains are placed near a meditation area or when the art of Yoga is practiced near water. Both scenarios allow you to enter deeper into a relaxed zone and experience a deeper and more rewarding experience.

Those are just a handful of ways water can increase the tranquility of any space. To learn more about what you can do with a fountain for your home, contact us at WP Law, Inc.

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