The 3 Best Commercial Fountains in History

Show Stopping Commercial Fountains

The 3 Best Commercial Fountains in History

Outstanding commercial fountains get recognized each year at tradeshows in a number of industries. Pool and spa associations and landscaping groups in particular pay attention to these fun and inspiring water features. Award winners can tell you a lot about current trends and innovations. However, taking a look at some of the most famous commercial fountains in history can also give you a starting point.

1. Bellagio Fountains

The fountains in Las Vegas have more flare than any others in the world. Along the Strip, none impress visitors more than the Bellagio Fountains. Like the chorus girl routines performed nightly indoors, the fountains dips and drips are colored and professionally choreographed to thrilling music in order to keep guests enthralled. The waterworks feature over 1000 devices and create sprays reaching over 450-ft. in the air.

2. Fountain of Wealth

Found underground in Suntec City’s shopping complex, this Singapore curiosity remains one of the largest commercial fountains in the world. Its bronze shape includes an inner circle supported by five towering beams, and makes a show stopping centerpiece.

3. Dubai Fountain

Contrary to popular opinion, the Dubai Fountain is not, in fact, a public project. It was financed by Emaar Properties to coincide with the opening of the Dubai Mall. Designed by the same company responsible for the Bellagio Fountains, it’s 25 percent larger. Featuring 6,600 lights and shooting water nearly 500-ft. into the air, the choreographed fountain celebrates a variety of popular and traditional Arabian tunes. Finished in 2009, it cost just $218 million.

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