Top 3 Best Landscaping Ideas for the Holidays

landscaping for holidays

Are you looking for ideas to add a festive touch to your home this holiday season? There’s nothing quite like admiring a well-decorated yard for the holidays, especially when it’s your own! If you need some fresh holiday inspiration, we’ve got you covered with these three top landscaping ideas to make your lawn merry and bright.

#1: Festive Potted Plants

Incorporating some festive potted plants into your landscaping can add color and cheer to your lawn with minimal hassle or expense. Line them up along walkways or accent your existing landscaping features with plants with bright berries like red chokeberry and winterberry.

#2: Evergreen Garlands

Evergreen garland strands add a beautiful and fragrant accent to your landscaping. If you’d rather have a more budget-friendly option, you can find artificial garland that looks almost real, and you can use it year after year. Hang them from garden walls or drape between your landscape lighting fixtures.

#3: Highlight Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you have an outdoor living space for entertaining? Why not incorporate landscape lighting to make it usable during the winter months? String lights, spotlights, and lights with dimmer switches give you plenty of excellent options to enhance the space. Invite the neighbors and have a winter outdoor party.

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