Underground Irrigation Systems for Your Sports Facility

3 Reasons you should install an underground irrigation system

Underground irrigation systems are the ideal solution for irrigating your sports facility. The irrigation system at your facility needs to provide your turf with the water necessary for it to flourish.

1. Provide ultimate growing conditions for your turf:
To maintain healthy turf, it’s vital to carry out routine irrigation. Turf needs water to survive and thrive, with the increase of droughts, relying on nature to supply your turf with the right amount of water isn’t the best choice. Installing underground irrigation for your facility will provide the necessary irrigation to keep your turf green and healthy.

2. Keep irrigation equipment out of the way: Underground irrigation keeps the equipment underground where it is safe from getting in the way of sports and other activities. This not only protects the equipment from damage, but protects the athletes and visitors from injury.

3. Appearance: Irrigation equipment sprawled over a sports facility is unsightly and unattractive. Underground equipment keeps the field clear, which results in an attractive and well-kept look.

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