2 Things You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Water Feature Pumps

Two facts that may change how you think about water feature pumps.

Water Feature Pumps

As straightforward as water feature pumps may seem, they can still hold some surprises. Whether there are new technological innovations that make the pumps more efficient or there are tips for getting the most out of your water pumps, there is always more to discover.

Here are two things that you might not have heard about water feature pumps:

1. You can use solar power.
Perhaps one of the best things developed recently is cheaper solar power for water pumps. Being able to reduce the outflow of cash helps your bottom line. Solar power systems offer free energy, and the increase in solar technology has made these systems affordable.

What makes these systems beneficial to the end user? In short, there is no need for a generator. You save on energy and fuel costs needed to run the water pump, and you can install these where traditional electricity is absent.

2. Water pumps have a peak flow.
While the box may say they produce X number of GPH, or PSI, there is always a tradeoff in the real world. If your pump box says that the pump will push 300 gallons per hour, it will, but only under ideal circumstances. If your pump box says it will produce 50 PSI, it will, but not when it is pumping 300 gallons per hour. There is a peak where the two flow rates meet, and that peak is affected by things like uplift, distance, and even temperature. It pays in the long-run really to consider how the pump in your water feature will be used before you choose a model.

As always, we are very happy to help you find the perfect pump for your needs. Just let us know what your water feature questions are, and we will be happy to help you find answers for them.

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