Weed of the Week – Crabgrass

Type: Grassy
Life Cycle: Annual (warm-season)

Crabgrass is a grassy annual weed that is tufted and prostrate in growth.  Leaves have fine hairs on both surfaces.  Produces a seedhead with two to nine finger like branches.  Crabgrass reproduces by seed and one plant can disperse 150,000 seeds per season.  It typically germinates in early winter/late spring and will continue to germinate throughout the spring and mid-summer.  The best way to deal with crabgrass is to prevent it by using pre-emergent, W.P. Law, Inc. recommends barricade.  If you have missed the window of prevention and the crabgrass has already started popping up around you yard, you can use Celsius, Image, or Solitaire to try and control the problem.  If you have any questions about Crabgrass or how to deal with it, come in and see us or give us a call at 803-461-0599.

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