What Impact Does Soil Have on My Irrigation?

What Impact Does Soil Have on My Irrigation?

Soil type is a crucial factor when considering irrigation applications. Soil is broadly classified based on three types of weathered rock described as sandy, loamy or clay. There are six different soil types that are most often identified. All six are simply a different combination of the three types of weathered rock and are as follows:

• Sand
• Silt
• Clay
• Peat
• Chalk
• Loam

Each particular type of soil that makes up your agricultural land has its own unique behavioral characteristics. When comparing samples, three properties are considered important in understanding how soil will react. The particular composition of a soil is what determines to what degree it represents each of these three factors.

Water Retention

Water retention refers to the amount of water that can be absorbed and retained within the soil itself, much like calculating how much water a sponge can hold.

Intake Rate

The intake rate refers to how quickly your soil absorbs water. This would impact, for instance, how quickly water could be applied by an irrigation system. Some soil types require a slow trickle, while others can be quickly watered.

Drainage Erosion

Applying water faster than the soil can absorb it results in the wash off of soil. This is what is termed drainage erosion.

Differences in soil structure affect liquid applications; everything from the type of fertilizer you use to the features of your new irrigation system. Knowing how your land will react based on your soil composition brings accuracy and efficiency to soil applications and equipment. Working with professionals like those at WP Law, Inc., can show just how valuable this knowledge can be for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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