Indian Mockstrawberry

Perennial broadleaf weed with long above ground runners and low growth habit. Three leaflets per leaf with toothed edges. Produces yellow flowers with five petals. Produces a fruit that is red and berry-like similar to a strawberry. Reproduces by seed and above ground runners.

Wild Onion

Perennial weed with slender, hollow leaves that grow upright. Grows during cooler months of the year. Similar to Wild Garlic in appearance. Contains a central underground bulb with a fibrous coat. Does not contain offset bulblets like Wild Garlic.


Annual weed that grows prostrate. Contains opposite leaves. Leaves very narrow, linear in shape and sharply pointed. Flowers are inconspicuous, lack petals, and green in color. Reproduces from seed.


Perennial broadleaf weed with dark green leaf surfaces and whitish to grayish color on the underside of leaves. Leaves are alternate and wolly on the underneath side. Produces aromatic scent similar to chrysanthemums. Reproduces by underground runners.

Shiny Cudweed

Broadleaf weed with rosette of basal leaves. Leaf color bright and shiny on upper surface. Lower surface of leaves is hairy and grayish, white in color. Reproduces by seed. Often found in dry, sandy conditions.

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