Shiny Cudweed

Broadleaf weed with rosette of basal leaves. Leaf color bright and shiny on upper surface. Lower surface of leaves is hairy and grayish, white in color. Reproduces by seed. Often found in dry, sandy conditions.

Spotted Spurge

Annual broadleaf weed that grows prostrate. Leaves are opposite with reddish usually present in the middle. Stems are reddish in color and contain milky sap. Reproduces from seed annually.


Annual broadleaf weed with divided, alternate leaves. Grows prostrate forming a mat when mature. Produces tiny white flowers at end of stem with four petals. Grows during the cooler months. Reproduces from seed.


Annual or perennial depending on species. Has heart shaped glossy leaves. Produces flowers in a variety of colors ranging from white, purple, pink, and yellow. Reproduces from seed and underground runners.

Virginia Buttonweed

Perennial broadleaf weed with thick, fleshy leaves on hairy stems. Leaves are opposite. Grows in a spreading type fashion. Produces white flowers that grow along the stem. Prefers moist sites. Reproduces from seed, roots, and stem fragments.


Perennial broadleaf weed with upright growth. Leaves alternate and spiny with wavy edges. Produces white to light violet colored flowers. Fruit resembles a small tomato and is smooth, round and pale yellow to greenish in color. Reproduces by seed and underground runners.


Broadleaf annual weed that grows tall and upright. Leaves are linear shaped with fine toothed edges. Produces white flowers when allowed to fully grow. Stems contain bristly hairs. Reproduces by seed.

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