3 Benefits of Custom Fabrication  

3 Benefits of Custom Fabrication

Every agricultural and landscaping terrain has its own unique characteristics. Drainage, varying terrain, access to water sources, distribution to each field, and providing a means to regulate and measure the flow can provide challenges which off-the-shelf solutions are not available. Here are three benefits of custom fabricated solutions to bring water wherever it is needed:

1. Innovative design solutions for equipment and components, whether you need to conserve water or have a unique landscape. Our designers use AutoCAD and other engineering technologies to design a system that gets water where you need it.

2. Advanced fabricating, assembly, and finishing of equipment specifically designed to maximize your irrigation efforts and help your landscape grow. The right irrigation equipment is specifically designed to enhance your soil conditions, grading and location.

3. Specialty welding of unusual piping configurations or to enhance current equipment. Custom irrigation systems for managed landscapes recognizes the fact that each landscape has different features from environmental conditions to water pressure and available flow. A customized solution for hard to irrigate landscapes often require one-of-a-kind solutions.

5 Tips for an Effortless Irrigation System  


In the recent past, there has been a shift from the customary labor-intensive irrigation, to effortless technology backed irrigation. The effortless modern irrigation systems are not only efficient and effective, but there are also pivotal in boosting the crop yield.

Whether you’re using the irrigation systems on your lawn or home garden, here are some basic tips for an effortless irrigation system.

Use water timers (Irrigation Controllers)

Water timers are an essential part of the garden irrigation systems. The water timers are used to automate the irrigation system and can, therefore, switch on or off the daily watering. Our water timers are particularly useful to the individuals who lead a busy life; spending most of their times away from home and in most cases do not want to be disturbed about watering their lawns.

Use of sprinkler systems

Depending on the size of your lawn, garden or irrigation scheme, we offer various types of sprinklers to cover your property in a quick and easy way. With coverages ranging from 8 to 40 feet, our sprinklers cater to the needs of home gardens and lawns found in most households. And unlike the sprays and micro-jets, which deliver a fine spray, the sprinklers throw large water droplets which minimize evaporation.

Use of micro jets and sprays

Our micro-jets and sprays are ideal for delicate plants, like the young seedlings in a seed bed. As the name suggests, the micro jets and sprays deliver water in the form of light sprays.

Use of drip irrigation system

Of all the water irrigation systems, the drip irrigation systems are the most efficient. Our drip systems are precisely tailored to deliver water to the roots of the plants. Using a network of pipes to carry water around the garden, the water is channeled to drip emitters that are positioned close to the base of the plant. And because the drip emitters release water gradually, owners can have control over the water used and reduce water waste.

With the above tips, you can irrigate your lawn and garden more effectively. Contact the irrigation professionals at W.P. Law for more tips and assistance.

3 Key Factors to Consider in a Portable Water Pump

Pool Water Pump

Water pumps are useful tools used in a myriad of applications in the residential, agricultural and light commercial sphere. When choosing the ideal water pump, there’re different features that you’re going to factor in. Below are the key things to consider in a portable water pump.


If it were a stationary water pump, then the weight factor should not be an element of concern since you’re going to leave your pump in the same place most of the time. However, for portable water pumps that are constantly relocated from one place to the other, it’s important that you choose a lightweight design.

Energy source (gas or electricity)

Choosing the energy source that will power the pump is an important aspect that you should consider. Both of the energy sources have their unique benefits, limitations and are ideal for different tasks.

An electric water pump is commonly used where electric power is readily available. Unlike the gas water pumps, the electric versions of the pumps are quieter, more efficient and do not require as much maintenance. On the flip side, the gas (or diesel) powered versions are more versatile and can be placed wherever they are needed without the need for an electrical power source.

Flow rate

The flow rate is the volume of water that is pumped over a given time. This is typically measured in gallons per minute (GPM). The flow rate will determine how fast you will be able to get your job done. Depending on the intended use of your portable water pump, you can choose different flow rates.

Whether it’s just draining water from your swimming pool or for your lawn sprinkling purposes, choosing the right water pump will make your water pumping endeavors a memorable experience. If you would like to know more about the portable water pumps, contact our experts at W. P. Law, Inc. for more information.

5 Eye-Catching Water Features For Your Home  

Water Feature

From fanciful water fountains, serene property pools to bubbly waterfalls discover water features to set your home apart from the rest.


Without a doubt, a waterfall is one of the most appealing and charming water features to choose for any property or home garden. Aside from the alluring looks, an outdoor waterfall has a unique kind of soothing sound that comes from the waterfall making it an enthralling feature. There are different kinds of waterfalls to choose from depending on the size of a garden and the available free space.

Garden pond

What a better way of adding tranquility, ambience and reflection to any landscape design than using a garden pond. And for many of us who have small spaces in our gardens, an open area of water can increase the sense of space. Birds love the ponds too, and the reflective nature of the sitting water will brighten the local atmosphere even during the dullest day.

Tea pot fountain

We love to use repurposed content. Featuring antique and rugged tea pots, the tea pot fountain allows water to flow through the spout of the barrels and will provide an enchanting look at any garden. To give the whole fountain a rustic look, combine the vintage tea pots with the old whiskey or wine barrels. Not only does the fountain instill a beguiling landscape, but it`s also a superb way to recycle the old pots.

The Water Garden

Water Gardens are beautiful additions to outdoor spaces. They are fairly inexpensive and don’t require digging. They only require 5 things: pots, a small pump, water, plants and power.

The benefit of creating a water garden is that they are often small and do not take up much room, but they provide the sound of falling water, which adds a soothing detail to outdoor living.

Water features play a major role in transforming a dull space into a paradise. At W. P. Law, Inc. we have an array of exhilarating water features that will luxuriously transform your space at an affordable price. For more information on our products, get in touch with our friendly customer care agents.

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