How to Keep Your Lawn Looking BOO-tiful This Fall

It’s almost Halloween, which means the idea of lawn care can be frightening. Don’t let the idea of prepping for winter scare you. With some spooktacular tips and tricks, your lawn can look frighteningly beautiful throughout the fall.

Start With a Short Cut

Mowing your lawn short can help prep it for fall and winter. An inch is the right length to help it preserve energy and moisture as it begins to hibernate for the cooler weather. Be sure to keep mowing as long as it’s growing, so it doesn’t get smashed under fall leaves.

Keep Raking!

One of the worst things for your lawn this fall is a heavy load of leaves on top. Not only does it crush the grass, but if left on your lawn, it can start to rot and cause fungus and other issues. The leaves also block out the sun and deprive your lawn of essential nutrients. Be sure to remove the fallen leaves regularly and keep the grass clear of debris to keep it healthy in the coming months.

Aeration is King

A fall essential for your lawn is aeration. Removing small plugs of grass and soil helps your lawn get more oxygen and water as well as improving drainage. Aerating in the fall is a great way to get your yard healthy and keep it that way through the fall and winter.

Instead of hiding out and ghosting your lawn this fall, use these basic tips and tricks to keep it healthy starting at Halloween and going through the winter season. For help with any of your lawn care or maintenance needs, be sure to contact the experts at W.P. Law.

Tips & Tricks to Keeping Your Drain Free from Debris This Fall

Drains are common in commercial buildings and homes in the south and are essential for keeping excess water away from your building, home, foundation, driveway, and landscaping. In the fall, when leaves are falling, and there is extra debris on the ground, it’s critical to keep those drains clear. Here are some tips and tricks to help.

Rake Your Yard

Raking your yard can keep your yard healthy, but it can also help prevent drain blockages. Blowing leaves might be easier than raking. If you go that route, be sure to blow them away from drains and the street. Collect them in one place and bag them up.

Keep Landscaping Trimmed and Maintained

Excess branches and landscaping debris can be the first to clog your drains. However, regular maintenance, including trimming, can keep it out of your drains. After trimming, be sure to bag the waste, so it doesn’t end up in your or the street storm drains.

Install Proper Filters and Guards

One of the best ways to prevent debris from getting lodged in your drains is with the right filters and guards. It’s vital to ensure proper installation and to secure them so they won’t dislodge easily. Once installed, they require cleaning throughout the season and after storms that might wash debris into the traps.

Every home and business should have proper drainage. If left unchecked, those drains can fill with debris like leaves, dirt, and sticks. When this happens, your home or building could be in danger of flooding, rot, mold, and damage. Before you risk it, contact the team at W.P. Law.

3 Tips for Mowing Your Grass


Mowing your grass might seem like a no-brainer, but some tricks can make it easier and better for your lawn. Take a look at these three tips for mowing your grass.

#1: Make Sure the Blades are Sharp

Sharp mower blades not only make quick work of getting the grass cut it’s also better for the grass. If the blades are dull, they tend to beat on the grass as they cut it, leaving it looking brown and dull instead of crisp and green. The rough edges left by worn blades are also more susceptible to disease and pests.

#2: Get Your Mower Height Right

The height of the blade isn’t as important as how much of the grass you cut. You should set the height, so it only cuts the top third of the grass blade. Cutting it too short can lead to brown spots and weakened roots. If your lawn is long, take the time to cut it a few days apart to get it the height you want without damaging the grass.

#3: Mow Late in the Day

The best time of day to mow your grass is early evening. You won’t stress the grass by cutting in the afternoon heat, and you won’t damage the roots by pushing a mower through the wet grass of early morning.

Many people get into a routine when it comes to mowing their grass but changing it up a bit can benefit your lawn. For more information on lawn health and caring for your grass, talk to the professionals at W.P. Law, Inc.

Why is There a Brown Patch on my Lawn?


Brown patches can appear on your lawn even if you have the most well-maintained yard in the neighborhood. They’re unsightly, frustrating, and it can be hard to determine the cause. However, there are a couple of common culprits that cause these spots. Take a look.

Brown Patches from Grubs

Grubs are pests that eat the roots of your grass. They are beetle larvae and can cause enormous damage, especially considering how small they are. The brown patches from grubs tend to be soft and spongey with a uniform pattern of injury.

Brown Patches from Brown Patch Disease

Another common cause of the brown patches on your lawn is brown patch disease. Unlike the grubs, this disease is a fungus called Rhizoctonia. This fungus is most active in the summer, especially when it’s hot and humid. The patches are circular and usually a yellow/brown color. They have an outer ring where the grass thins out.

Improper Lawn Care

There are a few things you might do with your lawn care that could cause the brown patches. They include:

  • Mower blades that are set too low, are dull, or have fungus on them
  • Too much fertilizer can damage the grass
  • Poor air circulation in the soil due to too much water or thatch buildup
  • Poor soil that no longer holds any nutrients to keep your grass healthy

What You Can Do

Before treating the brown patches using guesswork and hoping for the best, you should call in a professional to evaluate the damage. You don’t want to treat the wrong issue and end up with a bigger problem on your hand. W.P. Law, Inc. is your local go-to professional. Contact them and start combating your brown spots today.

3 Benefits of Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting


Low voltage outdoor lighting can add hours of illumination to your evening and enhance the aesthetic of your landscaping at night. Whether you want to get more enjoyment out of your outdoor living space or are interested in improving safety, this outdoor lighting option is worth your consideration. Take a closer look at the three top benefits of using low voltage lights for your home or business property.

#1: Minimize the Need to Change Bulbs Frequently

LED Low voltage lights last much longer than incandescent or halogen lighting systems. In some cases, they can last up to sixty times longer. Using these lower maintenance lights to illuminate your outdoor spaces means you won’t have to change the bulbs as often, saving you time and money.

#2: Increase Safety on Your Property

When it comes to safety, it’s hard to beat low-voltage lights. The lights pose far less risk of shocks and electrocution than traditional outdoor lighting systems. Additionally, potential burglars or intruders will be less likely to enter a residential or commercial property that is well-lit. This provides home and business owners with peace of mind.

#3: Reduce Electricity Costs

Increased energy efficiency is one of the top benefits of LED low voltage light bulbs. They emit a more pleasant, higher quality of light while using only 20% of the energy that an incandescent bulb will use. As a result of using less energy, you will save on your electricity bill and still enjoy superior illumination for your property.
The trusted team at W.P. Law, Inc. is here to help you find the right combination of low-voltage outdoor lighting to meet your needs and budget. Contact W.P. Law, Inc. now to get more information.

A Homeowners Guide to Low Maintenance Grasses


Low-maintenance grasses can help you achieve a beautiful residential or commercial lawn with far less effort. However, there are still some things you need to do to get optimal results. If this is your first time working with this type of grass, we have a quick, helpful homeowners guide to give you the tips you need. Here’s what you need to know to enjoy an attractive low maintenance lawn.

What Are Low Maintenance Grasses?

Low maintenance grass types are grasses that minimize the need for regular mowing and have reduced irrigation and fertilizer requirements. They are also resistant to disease and pests. Some of the most popular low maintenance grasses include:

  • Bermuda
  • Zoysia
  • Fescue
  • St. Augustine

A low-maintenance lawn is a great landscaping solution for areas that are susceptible to periods of drought. By choosing a heartier, drought-resistant grass type, you can keep a healthy-looking lawn with far less hassle and for less money.

How to Choose the Right Low Maintenance Grass

When choosing low-maintenance grasses for your property, consider these factors, your location, specific climate, amount of shade, and the general wear and tear your grass will experience. You will also want to look for the grass type that fits the aesthetic you have in mind. You may be thinking this sounds easier said than done! Landscaping professionals can help you choose the ideal grass type for your lawn.

Turn to the team at W.P. Law, Inc. to explore which low-maintenance grasses might be best for your property and budget. We can also help you weigh the pros and cons of artificial turf to enhance your landscaping.

3 Amazing Landscape Trends to Try Right Now


Looking for inspiration from the latest landscape trends? In the past year, homeowners have spent more time (and money) on landscaping and outdoor living spaces as they have been home more due to the global pandemic. If you are home anyway, why not make the most of it? Here are three amazing landscaping trends you can use to enhance the beauty and functionality of your yard.

Trend #1: Less Lawn, More Outdoor Living Spaces

Reducing the lawn space and increasing the living space outdoors is on-trend right now. Landscapers are finding that their clients want to convert lawns into outdoor seating, kitchens, and pools. Less lawn means less time-consuming lawn maintenance. Plus, families and friends can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors at all hours with features like outdoor lighting, cozy seating, and more.

Trend #2: Unique Water Features

From soothing water fountains and ponds to waterfalls and sprays, adding custom water features to landscaping is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Water features add a relaxing ambiance to landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Being able to customize the features to work with your specific landscaping provides a simple way to level up your lawn.

Trend #3: Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Nothing says trendy and upscale like a new outdoor kitchen space. From basic outdoor grills to elaborate gourmet kitchens on the patio, these sizzling additions to your home’s landscape increase home value while giving you maximum enjoyment on your property.

Ready to Bring a New Landscaping Trend to Life for Your Yard?

Now is the time to explore some of these amazing landscape trends for your home. Connect with the experts at WP Law, Inc. to discuss your vision for your lawn. We can help you come up with the perfect design to meet your needs and budget. Contact us online to get started.

3 Sizzling Ways to Make Sure Your Backyard Is Ready for Summer


Summer is almost here, and you and your family deserve a backyard outdoor living space that you can enjoy all season long. Ready for some backyard inspiration? Keep reading for three sizzling ways to get your backyard space summer-ready:

  1. Landscape Lighting

  2. Consider installing low-voltage landscaping lighting to bring hours of beautiful light to illuminate your backyard during the evening hours. From ground lighting and spotlights to path lights and floodlights, the lighting you choose can significantly enhance your backyard ambiance and safety. You and your family and friends can keep the party going long after the sun goes down with the right outdoor lighting features.

  3. Outdoor Kitchen

  4. Want to take your backyard to the next level? An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate in summer backyard fun and luxury. With so many features and design options, you can create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. From a basic grill and counter to a full-blown outdoor gourmet kitchen, the chef in your life will love this addition to your backyard.

  5. Backyard Patio

  6. A seamless way to extend your indoor living space into your backyard is with the perfect patio. Choose from numerous configurations and gorgeous, comfortable outdoor seating options to maximize the space. You can even incorporate an attractive water feature into your patio design for a soothing, peaceful ambiance that helps you relax and unwind after a busy day.

Make this summer the best one yet by enhancing your backyard outdoor living space. Let the team at W.P. Law, Inc. help make your backyard vision a reality. Connect with us online now for expert recommendations and information.

Tips for Choosing Landscape Lighting for Your Backyard

landscape light

The right landscape lighting adds that extra special something to your backyard living space. If you are ready to bring more enjoyment and comfort to your outdoor area, illuminating the backyard is a great place to begin. Determining the proper landscape lighting can be a challenge for many homeowners. If you are ready to light up your backyard but aren’t sure how to start, take a look at these tips for choosing landscape lighting to achieve beautiful results:

#1: Decide What You Want to Highlight

One of the first things to consider as you choose your landscape lighting is what you want to illuminate. Do you have a specific area of your landscaping, fountains, walkways, or other features you would like to highlight? Choosing which features to bring in focus will help you know which type of lighting fixtures to select.

For example, ground lighting or path lights will be ideal if you want to highlight a walkway, whereas spotlights are ideal if you wish to illuminate trees or other features in your backyard.

#2: Choose Flood Lights, Spotlights, Path Lights or a Combination

Now that you know what to highlight, you can begin choosing your lighting style. If your budget allows, you can add a combination of floodlights, spotlights, and path lights. Or, if you are trying to keep things budget-friendly, begin with what you want to illuminate first and add in different types of lighting over time.

#3: Know the Differences Between Light Bulbs

The three primary light bulb choices for exterior lighting include:

  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Fluorescent

LED lighting will be a longer-lasting bulb that helps you conserve energy, while a halogen bulb will give you a high-intensity, white, bright light. Fluorescent lighting will be your most affordable option upfront, but the bulbs contain mercury, so they are a health risk if broken.

Do you need more help choosing landscape lighting for your backyard? Contact the landscape lighting experts at WP Law, Inc. to get personalized service and professional advice!

Outdoor Lighting Tips: How Can I Save on Costs?


Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance your landscaping and curb appeal, but it can do a number on your electric bill. Initially, you may be considering the cost to purchase and install the lighting, but it’s essential to assess its impact on your ongoing costs.

Get Smarter with LED Landscape Lighting

By utilizing LED landscape lighting, you can save money on your electric bill and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. LED lights use much less energy than traditional lighting. Instead of watching your bills rise, using LED lights can help keep your electricity bills under control.

Let WP Law Help You Find the Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Budget

Our landscape lighting experts can help you beautify your property and get more enjoyment at night with low voltage landscape lighting. We will help you highlight the focal points of your landscaping and accentuate the architectural features of your property while enhancing security and safety.

With more than 50 years of experience, the WP Law team is here to help you maximize value and achieve your landscaping goals in a way that works for your budget. Connect with WP Law, Incorporated to get started with beautiful, affordable outdoor lighting for your home.

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