Indoor Commercial Fountains

indoor commercial fountains

Indoor commercial fountains turn a dreary office building into an elegant one.

Waiting in a cold and dreary waiting room to see a physician, accountant or lawyer is one of the most uncomfortable experiences. Whether your clients are waiting to find out the results of a test, or waiting to find out just how much you owe Uncle Sam anxiously sitting and waiting in a drab office is unpleasant.

To help make the wait more pleasant and comfortable, install indoor commercial fountains to help soothe and relax your clients while they are waiting to see you. The sound of trickling water has been proven to relax and calm people, so they are less likely to be tense and uptight before their appointment.

The sound of water running will also help to drown out the sound of other office noises. This can help prevent confidential conversations being overhead that will greatly protect patient and client confidentiality.

There are a variety of indoor fountains available, from tabletop models to large fountains for your wall or floor, the options are endless. Your clients or patients will thank you.

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Designing Outdoor Grills and Kitchens

How to build outdoor grills and kitchens.

Ahhhh….the smell of steaks cooking on your grill. Not much beats it. Summertime is officially here and it’s time to spend your evenings outdoors enjoying meals cooked on your outdoor grills and kitchens. Say goodbye to your hot isolated kitchen and join the rest of the family on the patio.

Many families are adding outdoor kitchens to their backyards for entertaining. Here are three tips for creating yours.

1. Start with a great grill: The centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen is the grill. Choose one that fits your needs. Some grills have searing stations and burners built in so all of the cooking can be done outside.

2. Create a design: Create a design that includes a cabinet to store items as well as to house a sink and provide countertop space. You can find do-it-yourself plans on the internet, or purchase cabinetry.

3. Add a small refrigerator: Add a small refrigerator to store cool items so you don’t have to keep running back and forth from the kitchen.

Whether you choose to build it yourself or hire a professional, adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio will not only provide extended evenings of entertaining, but add value to your home.

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Choosing Landscape Lighting for Your Backyard

landscape lighting

How can you use landscape lighting to bring elegance to your outdoor landscape?

Outdoor lighting for your landscape adds elegance while providing safety for your family. More and more families are adding lighting to their outdoor living space to extend their evenings outside.

There’s no need to run indoors when the sun goes down. By adding landscape lighting you can extend your outdoor use for entertainment, or to just relax and enjoy gazing at the stars.

There are several different types of landscape lighting fixtures available for you. Well-lights and spot lights are used to highlight architectural details or a specimen landscape plant. Path lights are used to light walkways or to create pools of light in the landscape.

Adding lighting to an outdoor water feature adds to the relaxation and calming effect trickling water offers. There are dozens of uses for lighting and using it will add value, beauty and security to your home.

Whatever your landscape lighting needs are, the experts at W.P. Law can help you find the combination of lighting systems to help illuminate your outdoor space.

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Water Features Indoors or Outdoors Can Create a Magical Space

water feature

Water features are the perfect addition to your home’s décor.

Water features are becoming very popular for home and business owners. Adding the calming sound of trickling water to your landscape, home or office building is the ideal way to create a magical spot to relax with friends and family.

There are hundreds of types of water features that range in price, style and size so finding the one that fits your needs will be easy. You can choose a small fountain, large fountain or create a cascading waterfall, there are hundreds of options available.

Depending on the area you have to work with, you could create a pond with a water feature in the center. Add various foliage and fish and you have a wonderful focal point to your landscape and a place to entertain and relax.

Adding a wall water feature in your home’s interior is a wonderful way to create a soothing indoor environment for relaxation and to create a dynamic feature to your décor.

Adding a water fountain to your home can be a do-it-yourself project for the handy homeowner, however it may be better to hire a professional to do the installation.

W.P. Law, Inc. offers a variety of water features and the irrigation equipment. Contact us today for more information.

Irrigation Timer – When is the best time to water your lawn

Irrigation timer – Quality tips to help keep your lawn green and healthy.

Watering your lawn and garden are important to keep it green and healthy. With so many worries about drought conditions and water restrictions placed upon homeowners year after year, it’s sometimes difficult to keep you lawn irrigated.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your lawn and garden irrigated.

• Water your lawn in the early morning: You should set your timer to water by 5:00am in the morning. This way the water has time to soak into the ground before the sun’s rays evaporate it and the winds begin to blow. Early morning watering also allows the grass to dry during the day which reduces disease problems.

• Water your lawn 1” every week: To gain optimal results for you lawn, you should opt for the long infrequent soaking rather than a little each day. Your lawn should receive at least 1” of water each week to stay healthy. Newly planted lawns will require watering each day to encourage growth for at least 6-8 weeks.

• Use an irrigation timer: For best results, you should set up a timer with your irrigation system. It helps you conserve water and relieves you of the duty of remembering to turn the system on.

Let the experts at W.P. Law, Inc. take care of your irrigation timer needs.

Landscape Products to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Landscape products help increase your property value.

The real estate market has been suffering for the past several years. Many homeowners have been trying to sell their homes, but are finding it hard to find buyers. If they are lucky enough to find one, they are forced to accept less than they were hoping for.

If you’re trying to sell your home in this volatile market, there are steps you can take to make your home more appealing without spending a lot of money.

Nothing adds curb appeal like a tailored landscape, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to do. Take a weekend to spruce up your yard to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

You can easily create flower and plant beds by simply adding landscape edging, mulch and some landscape lighting. The addition of landscape lighting to highlight your homes architectural design is a quick and inexpensive addition.

You can add a small water feature in the front of your home that will create an inviting atmosphere as well as an attractive focal point. Highlight the feature by adding landscape lighting.
Visit the professionals at W.P. Law, Inc. for your landscape products.

Residential Fountains

residential fountain

Residential fountains add charm and beauty to your landscape.

A great way to enhance your outdoor landscaping is to add a residential fountain. There are a wide variety of fountains and water features to fit your particular needs and taste. They come in a variety of sizes and styles so you will be able to find the perfect one to add charm and beauty to your outdoor living space.

Today there a wide range of prepackaged pond kits that allow for a great deal of individual creativity. Most of these pond kits include a how-to DVD that will provide the homeowner with step-by-step instructions. Many of these pond kits offer variations such as a pondless water feature, a cascading waterfall, or a small pond. The options are almost limitless.

Whatever your choice, a water fountain will add a calm and relaxing environment to your backyard landscape.
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Irrigation Contractors – 5 Tips to hire the right one

which irrigation contractor best fits your needs?

Follow these tips to help you find an irrigation contractor that best fit your needs.

Irrigation plays a vital role in keeping your lawn and garden healthy and lush. In order to find the right company to design, install or purchase your system, follow these five tips.

1. Hire only licensed contractors: You should always hire a licensed contractor. Also, make sure they are properly insured and bonded. Contact your area’s licensing board to verify their license is active. In addition, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed or are outstanding.

2. Get it in writing: Always get your estimate in writing and if there are any changes to the work order, get them in writing as well. If the company offers a guarantee on their work, make sure it is in writing.

3. Ask for references: Contractors who do quality work are proud of that fact and don’t mind giving you a list of satisfied customers for you to contact.

4. Get estimates from at least 3 companies: After you have researched the irrigation companies in your area and are satisfied with the results of your search, you should contact at least three companies for estimates. The more estimates you get the more you will be assured you are getting the best price and have picked the best company to hire.

5. Don’t always go with lowest price: If your three estimates are close in price to each other then it’s probably okay to go with the lowest price. However, if two of the estimates are close together and the third is considerably lower, then you would be wise to avoid the lowest price. This contractor’s price may be low because he plans on cutting corners or using products that are of poor quality.

Let the irrigation specialists at W.P. Law, Inc. handle all of your irrigation needs.

July is Smart Irrigation Month

Jult is smart irrigation month

July is the ideal time for water conservation

July is designated as “Smart Irrigation” month by the Irrigation Association (IA). The IA is a membership of the leading irrigation equipment manufacturers, distributors, contractors and other green industry professionals.
Smart Irrigation month was developed to bring awareness to water conservation practices and products. Irrigation innovations such as drip irrigation, smart controllers, and moisture sensors, to name a few, have been developed to conserve our most precious natural resource, water.

To view the history of irrigation and how technology has improved, visit the Irrigation Museum. The Irrigation Museum is a virtual online museum promoted by the IA. W. P. Law, Inc. is proud to be an online sponsor of the Irrigation Museum.

For all of your irrigation needs and information on “smart irrigation” products contact the experts at W.P. Law, Inc.

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