How do Control Systems for Lawn Irrigation Work?

Every homeowner loves their automatic irrigation system! It manages all of your lawn and landscaping watering for you. No more dragging hoses around or remembering what you already watered. But how does it all work? We’re breaking down your lawn irrigation system into an easy guide.

The Irrigation System

Your underground sprinklers foundation are pipes buried about 12 inches under your lawn and landscaping. They connect to sprinkler heads where water pumped through the pipes pushes them up for watering. The water also feeds to drip lines for trees, shrubs, and flowers as well. They consist of zones, and the controller determines what zones water, when, and how long.

The Controller

The controller for your irrigation system starts in a valve box. You’ll find it somewhere in your yard buried just below the surface with a cover for easy access. Inside the box are valves that control the different watering zones. The settings on your control box regulate how long the valves operate and let water through the pipes. Then, you determine how you set the watering schedule.

Setting and Forgetting

The beauty of an automatic irrigation system is that you can set it and forget it. Or you can adjust it as needed, depending on the weather and the needs of your landscaping. Use your controller’s manual to set the zones and program the time. You can set the day your system waters, which zones go in which order when each zone turns on and off. You have complete control of your irrigation.

Control systems for lawn irrigation only work if you have an automatic irrigation system. To find out how to enhance your current system or get information on installing one, contact the lawn and irrigation specialists at W.P. Law.

Why Mother Nature & Your Wallet will Love Irrigation Systems


Are you on the fence about installing an irrigation system? Some benefits might convince you it’s worth the investment. Take a look at why Mother Nature and your wallet will love a sprinkler system for your lawn and landscaping.

The Convenience

If you’ve been dragging a hose and sprinkler around your lawn and garden, you know how much of a pain that is. An irrigation system, on the other hand, is the epitome of convenience. You can program it to water when you want, including the number of days that work for you. No more tracking how long the hose was on any given spot. Your time is valuable, and you can spend it doing something else once you have an irrigation system.

The Health of Your Landscaping

Regular irrigation means no dead spots, drooping flowers, suffering shrubbery, or lackluster trees. Instead, your lawn and garden will look their best when your irrigation system is up and running regularly.

The Savings for Your Wallet

You’ll use less water and save more money with an irrigation system. Using a hose and manual sprinklers actually uses more water than a programmed sprinkler system. And the latest technology has rain sensors to put watering on pause when Mother Nature steps in to take care of the irrigation.

If you don’t have an irrigation system for your yard, now’s the time to change that. Find out everything you need to know about how it can benefit you and your wallet by contacting W.P. Law, Inc. today.

3 Key First Steps to an Irrigation System


Whether you need better irrigation for your landscaping, sports facility, or agricultural application, it’s essential to set up your irrigation system for success. If this is your first time installing irrigation, you want to make sure you do it correctly for optimal results. Keep reading for the three key first steps to an irrigation system:

  1. Choose Your Irrigation System Design Wisely

  2. Proper irrigation system design is the most important step to take when setting up irrigation for the first time. If the design is wrong, you will likely struggle with repair needs and issues in the future. Getting the right design will help you make the most of your system investment. If you aren’t how to design the system correctly, reach out to the professionals for hassle-free and expert design.

  3. Invest in High-Quality Irrigation Equipment

  4. When it comes to irrigation systems, you get what you pay for! Now is not the time to go the cheapest route. However, it is possible to get affordable irrigation equipment to meet your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to shop around to compare prices. Ultimately, getting a professional recommendation from irrigation experts will help you make the best choices.

  5. Follow All Installation Guidelines

  6. The people who tend to be disappointed with their irrigation system performance often tried to set it up without following installation guidelines. Any equipment you purchase should come with step-by-step instructions, and it is crucial to follow them carefully. For best results, turn to experienced irrigation system professionals for your installation.

For a streamlined irrigation system installation, turn to the irrigation design specialists at W.P. Law, Inc. We bring years of experience to your project and use only top-quality equipment and materials. Connect with W.P. Law, Inc. online now to schedule services and receive recommendations.

4 Facts About Drip Irrigation

drip irrigation

If you are looking for economical and environmentally friendly options to irrigate your garden or crops, drip irrigation is a fantastic solution. It allows the water to go straight to the roots, trickling water slowly near the plant’s base through a specialized irrigation system.

To make the most informed decision possible for your irrigation needs, check out these fast facts about drip irrigation:

#1: Easy Installation

Installing drip irrigation for your garden, crops, vineyard, or orchard is easier than you may expect. Choosing a professional drip irrigation design will ensure you have the best installation possible, so your irrigation is set up for success. You won’t have to worry about damage to your yard because the installation process requires minimal digging.

#2: Lower Cost for Fertilization

With professional drip irrigation system design, you can inject liquid fertilizer into the system itself. You will be maximizing the amount of water and fertilizer you use, which helps you cut costs. The system will apply fertilizer at the plant’s root zone, so you waste less, and the plants get the full benefit of the application. Plus, you’ll be reducing runoff.

#3: Environmentally Friendly

Conserving water is more important than ever to the environment. Drip irrigation enables you to save water, maximize fertilizer, and minimize pesticide use, which is better for the environment. Drip irrigation is a greener, eco-friendly option you can feel good about.

#4: Enhanced Plant Health

Because drip irrigation allows the water to go directly to the plant’s roots, your plants will grow quicker and undergo less stress. You’ll have healthier and hardier plants that contribute to better air quality and superior results for your irrigation efforts.

If you are ready to learn more facts about drip irrigation or would like to schedule professional drip irrigation services for your garden or crops, contact WP Law, Inc. to get started!

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