2 Things You Never Knew About Systems Automation

Systems Automation – making life simpler

2 Things You Never Knew About Systems Automation
You have to love technology, especially when you see how positively it can affect your life sometimes. Systems automation is one such technology that everyone should love. Two features in particular make these systems almost mandatory: remote access and scalable aspect.

Remote access allows you to access your systems automation from your desktop and potentially even from your smart phone. (That depends on your system and your phone.) Remote access allows you to manage all of your system features from just about any location. You can be inspecting crops in the field and make adjustments right there. That is the epitome of efficiency, and your efficiency plays a direct role in your bottom line.

Scalable systems allow you to install your system once and then upgrade when it needs expand. This means less labor and less installation costs and time. Design ahead and give yourself the edge when it comes to choosing your systems automation unit. Many systems have a snap-in feature, which allows for the simple installation of more components without even needing a tool kit.

Both of these features help to produce better efficiency, reduce costs, and increased production. This is why they are newsworthy. Everyone should know about these features, because they have such a positive impact on how you do your job. Managing a farm, ranch, or even a series of similar projects can now be handled by a single person without the need to drive all over the place. That is the beauty of systems automation.

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3 Problems To Avoid When Installing DIY Fountains

3 Problems To Avoid When Installing DIY Fountains
DIY fountains can be a lot of fun and help to add a personal touch to areas in and around your home. When working on a DIY fountain or water feature project, here are a few things to avoid.

1. Wrong Pump Size: Pumps are rated in terms of flow rate, usually measured in gallons per minute (GPM) although sometimes gallons per hour (GPH) is used, and pressure which is usually measured in PSI or Feet of Head. In a typical fountain application, a pump that provides a high flow rate at a lower pressure is used. It is important to know the elevation from where the pump will be pumping the water from to the highest discharge point on the water feature. If this information is not accurate, the pump can be sized improperly. A pump that does not fit the application properly will cause problems for the owner down the road. In addition to using more power an improperly sized pump will cause the water feature to give a less than desirable “show”.

2. Instability: Water is heavy. Make sure that your structure is on a level surface, that the surface can support your structure and the weight of the water, and that the structure is assembled securely.

3. Leakage: Flexible liners work really well for helping to prevent leakage. Choose a liner that is UV protected so that it maintains its strength for at least several years. Think about splash as well. Fountains can splash, and indoors that means that the surrounding areas can become damp or spotted by water.

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Incorporating a Pondless Water System Into Residential Fountains

Explore these tips for a pondless residential fountain to enhance your outdoor living space.

Incorporating a Pondless Water System Into Residential Fountains
Pondless water features are amazing additions to any residential landscape because they add a great deal of depth and charm to a space.

Incorporating a pondless water feature into a residential landscape is fairly easy, especially for the DIY kind of designer. Pondless water features can be tucked away in the corner of your landscape to provide a quiet place to reflect or sit down with a good book. Pondless water features can also be the dramatic focal point of the backyard landscape.

There are many pondless water feature kits, most of which can be completed in a weekend. Because pondless water features are “pondless” there is no open, standing body of water that must be maintained. Pondless water features are also safer due to the lack of a pool, so even families with small children can enjoy a backyard water feature without worrying.

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The New Ways Pump Stations Are Improving Your Life

Cost, efficiency, and labor are all positively affected by the right pump station.

The New Ways Pump Stations Are Improving Your Life
Pumping stations can help you to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and decrease the amount of labor needed to manage your fluid handling needs. Things to consider are variable frequency drives (VFD’s) and programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) that help you micro-manage the performance of your pumping station.

With recent technological advances in pump station design, pump stations are making it possible to expand farming and ranching practices into areas what have previously been difficult in which to farm or ranch.

Control systems, for example, allow you to access your pump station and make system adjustments from your office. This tool allows you to adjust station performance to meet your needs while being able to extend the life-cycle of your pump station. Being able virtually to manage a pump station allows you to tie in maintenance with performance which helps you decrease labor.

Smart control systems give you the power to manage your project in a cost effective ways such as forecasting repair and replacement costs, optimizing efficiency, and providing data for growth and expansion. All of those features from the convenience of your desk.

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Top 2 Things You Need to Know About Water Pump Stations

Explore remote access and online controls – the latest in water pump stations

Top 2 Things You Need to Know About Water Pump Stations
Two features that help water pump stations shine a little brighter are remote access and online controls. Pump stations help to expand ranching and agriculture into areas where it is difficult to deliver water.

But water pump stations do a lot more than just deliver water to hard-to-reach locations. They can also be used automatically to water livestock and crops. One of the more exciting features is the addition of remote access and online controls that really expand the role of pump stations to places that are difficult to access physically. Remote access and online controls allow operators to monitor and control the pump station from any point where that has cell phone or internet access.

This flexibility allows the owner to make adjustments without having to physically visit the site, thus saving travel and labor costs.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Easiest DIY Irrigation System

Yes, you can install a DIY irrigation system.

A Beginner's Guide to the Easiest DIY Irrigation System
There is no reason to fear a DIY irrigation system any longer. The technology that has gone into manufacturing irrigation kits has made the process much simpler and straight forward than they were even just a few years ago.

The best thing to do when you buy a kit is to get to know all of the parts. It may seem as though there are a million pieces, but there are really just a handful of different parts. Understanding what those parts are will make putting the system together a much easier task.

The next thing to do is to make sure you have all of the tools that you need. A quality DIY irrigation system kit will tell you on the package what tools are required. The right tool always makes the job a lot easier.

The beautiful thing about irrigation system kits is that you get to decide where stuff goes. Most kits are versatile enough to allow you the flexibility to change things to suit your individual application.

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2 Agriculture Irrigation System Ideas You Can Use

You can use agriculture irrigation systems at home to benefit your landscape and special projects.

2 Agriculture Irrigation System Ideas You Can Use

There are a lot of ideas that cross over between the home-based garden and commercial agriculture; two such specialized areas are crops and automated irrigation systems. Some of the world’s largest farms use automated systems for their irrigation. Consider scaling this system to fit your personalized irrigation needs. The gateway to the best landscape is through innovation.

1. Specialized crops, small or large.
The greatest idea we transferred from agriculture irrigation systems is the understanding that smaller growing projects can benefit from the designs of larger agriculture projects. For instances, many homeowners have the desire to grow grapes and other specialized crops. Using the ideas behind specialized commercial irrigation systems designed for vineyards can be scaled back to fit your home based vineyard. Whether you want to grow a handful of grapes or acre of grapes, there are specialized irrigation systems just for your project, and other specialized projects as well.

2. Full management features of your irrigation system.
Home gardeners no longer have to rely on just drip irrigation and a timer; there are systems available that allow you to have full control over how and when your landscape and gardens are watered. Control systems help by saving you time and labor. Consider adding in products that sense the weather and skip watering when it is raining or increase watering when the soil is dry. Systems will also allow you to connect directly from your computer and implement changes to your system without having to leave your office. Those features are available for homes as well as commercial agriculture.

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